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Milkchoco Cheats – Learn How To Get Diamonds and Gold

Among the horde of the shooting game, several games have been launched on the gaming platform. Meanwhile, Milkchoco is a game that is gaining some hype amongst gamers. It is a third person shooting game where there is a total of 10 players in the game that are divided into two teams.



The teams are then plunged into the battleground to knock down the others

Apart from that, there will be a certain number of funds and resources that the players require managing. However, if you fail to collect enough amounts of funds that can serve you for good, then there’s no need to fret as we are here to take you out of the problem. Here, we recommend you to utilize the Milkchoco cheats and get a generous amount of funds that you can use in the game for various purposes.

Now let’s have a glance at the in-game funds as well:

In-game credits

The current credits of the game included the gold, diamonds and the clan gold. Below you will find brief information about three of them to have a better idea of obtaining and utilizing them in the game.

  • Gold: Gold is the prime currency in the game that is required for making a purchase of a wide variety of weapons in the game. It can be earned through various ways in the game, and that is:
  • By getting promoted to the next level
  • On accomplishing the battles
  • By watching the promotional video ads by the game

Apart from these three ways, one can also convert their diamonds into the gold.

  • Clan gold: The type of currency is not for all the players but is primarily for the clans only. The clan gold can be utilized to unlock exclusive weapons and cosmetics in the game. These are required to level up your clan.
  • Diamonds: Gems are the premium currency of the game that serves for a variety of purposes in the game such as for cosmetics, to get other currencies and many other boosters as well. The only ways to earn the gems is either when you get individual boxes or by watching the promotional ads.

However, one can also get these by spending real money in the game. But exchanging real-life currency to get diamonds is absurd when you can get these without putting hands in the pocket. To get the diamonds for free by making the use of Milkchoco hack.

There are a set of other limited currencies as well in the game named the pumpkins, golden pigs and the hearts. The players get access to these limited currencies when you purchase the diamond packs.


The game features a wide range of classes to the players from which they can choose the one that they feel the best for them. Each class will be having a particular set of features and abilities; therefore, you need to think and choose wisely.

Battle Royale mode

Recently, the creator of the game has introduced a new mode in the game named the battle royale. In the particular mode, 100 players will be thrown into the battleground, and then the players require killing the other players until one is left in the arena.


The EXP’s are the experience points that you get whenever you take apart in the matches regardless of the fact of winning or losing. The EXP’s are having a vital role in the game. These are required to get promoted to the next level and to unlock various other elements as well. Obtaining the

EXP’s seems to be very easy, but sometimes it becomes frustrating, therefore, for a relaxed approach, you can utilize the Milkchoco cheats.

These are few essentials elements that one needs to know necessarily before playing the game. So are you ready to knock down the enemies in the battle arena? If yes, then good luck the field is all yours.

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